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New Rewards System

1) Buy a package of 3 European or Anti-Aging Facials, get a Casmara Algae Mask* added on to each for free (value $16 each). *Casmara Algae Masks from Spain are an amazing enhanced treatment that add conditioning vitamins and anti-oxidants to your skin. These peel-off masks have a long history of research and development, utilizing the proven benefits of Spanish algae. Different formulations allow me to select the correct mask for your unique skin care needs.

2) Once you have had 6 full-price facials, the 7th facial is FREE. This can include purchase of the package of 3 (above), and/or facials purchased individually. You do NOT have to pay in advance for a package of 6 to get the 7th free. I keep track of your facials, and let you know when your FREE facial has been earned.